How To Get Better Traffic Using Seven Twitter SEO Tips From Semalt

Twitter made an agreement with Google that made the 140-character tweets more searchable online. Later on, Twitter gave Google full access to all its tweets, commonly known as "Firehose." Google mainly places value on social authority and the number of followers as the main priority and selects what to index. As a result, having a meaningful presence on Twitter is important and optimizing it is imperative. In this regard, Jack Miller, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, presents the following twitter tips to apply to marketing:

The Art of Keywords

Always maintain consistency by using similar keywords that would appear on the website. Hashtags improve the searchability and help direct people to the content. Turning keywords into some of the hashtags would, therefore, come in handy when people search for specific topics. Do not overuse hashtags on a single tweet as it might look spammy and turn away potential followers. Make sure to analyze the hashtags that have the most engagement, likes, or retweets and use them to optimize your profile. Twitter analytics should help determine what is best for the business. Ensure that a tweet has a much-detailed information in it, and several media types which can incorporate the 140 characters.

Optimize Profile for SEO

Making sure that optimization of your profile ensures its searchability. When users use numbers in their usernames or handles, they might negatively affect the two elements of the business's profile, as Google will treat them as spam.

Changing handles or usernames is relatively easy. However, experts do not advise it as it confuses users since the verification badge goes away together with the name. Verification badges are what users rely on to inform whether the profile encompasses correct and verified information about business entities or public figures.

Make an Introduction

Google also makes a point to index the bio provided on the Twitter profile. The bio informs people what to expect from the tweets coming from that particular profile. In the 160 characters provided, simplicity and precision are your best allies. Present the most important aspects in a catchy way and remember to include the expertise level. If there are other twitter accounts, include the same on all of them to ensure smooth transitioning for users.

Adjust the Profile Photo

Before making the photo upload, make sure to customize the filename. A few tips on this are to ensure that it contains relevant keywords, or separate the keywords using dashes which makes it easier to index by the search engine.

Link to the Website

As is any SEO campaign, there must be a call to action for the visitor which is what an included website link in Twitter would be. Determine which of the website pages is most relevant to the information provided on the profile, and where one would wish to send their followers. Mutual linking generates more traffic and increases credibility.


Retweets help increase traffic, so you can feel free when asking for sharing. To make room for retweets, write shorter updates as it allows people to include comments or mention other people when retweeting.

Include Social Profiles in Search Results

Make sure to specify which among the social profiles owned is the most preferred and include a website markup code.

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